How to Make a Natural Energy Drink

By | December 18, 2019

how to make a natural energy drink

In recent years, the sale of energy drink products has spread in the markets that are used by many people, especially young people, with the aim of increasing physical activity and promoting mental activity.

The United States of America is one of the first countries to manufacture this type of beverage, but the American Food and Drug Authority warned against consuming energy drinks for harms caused serious human health,

which is considered a substitute for drugs, so would prefer to stay away from handling and replace drinks made up of natural materials provide the body with energy and gives many beneficial nutrients, and you will learn in this article on the modus operandi of mesh Up natural energy.

How to Make a Natural Energy Drink

How to make a natural energy drink

the ingredients A large fruit of unpeeled cucumber. Two apples. Four sticks of celery. Two cups of chopped watermelon. How to prepare First we wash cucumbers, apples, and celery, then cut them into small pieces and put them in the food or juicer.

We put the pieces of watermelon and mix the ingredients together well, then add a cup of water to the mixture and continue mixing until we get a homogeneous mixture. We bring a sealed container, put the juice in it, and keep it in the refrigerator for two days.

How to make a natural energy drink for athletes

the ingredients Half a frozen banana. A cup of almond milk. A teaspoon of vanilla. Half a tablespoon of ground green tea. A cup of crushed protein. How to prepare Put the frozen bananas, milk, vanilla, protein powder and ground green tea in the electric mixer.

Mix all ingredients on medium speed, and leave until the mixture becomes smooth. Pour the drink into a cup of the proper size and serve directly with a number of mint leaves.

How to make a natural energy drink for children

the ingredients Four cups of water. A cup of only a quarter cup of fresh orange juice. A pinch of salt. Two tablespoons of honey. A cup of only a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice.

How to prepare In a deep bowl, put the orange juice, lemon juice, salt and a pinch of salt, then add water and mix the ingredients well together. Add to the drink pure honey and mix well, then serve directly.

How to make a natural energy drink for bodybuilding

the ingredients One cup of water. Three slices of fresh ginger. Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. A spoon of honey. A quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt. How to prepare

We put the water in a pot over the fire and leave it to a boil, then put the pieces of ginger and preferably let it boil for several minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and strain, then add fresh lemon juice and sea salt in addition to honey.

We stir the ingredients together until they mix well and the athlete must eat it every morning or after he finishes exercising.

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